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Paper Submission

AVISKAAR- A Xaverian Journal of Research

Instruction for Authors:

The format for writing manuscripts/articles, as described on the journal website, must be maintained by authors. The content submitted must be original and not redundant, i.e., similar or identical data must not be into publication with any other journal. The accuracy of contents/data is primarily the author’s responsibility. Failure to prove the accuracy or originality of the work shall lead to with-holding of publication of the manuscript concerned.

Note: Authors are required to submit the manuscript electronically by e-mail to

Electronic submission: Electronic files in LaTeX are preferred. However, MS- WORD files are also acceptable. Figures should be supplied in EPS (encapsulated postscript) or PDF formats.

Typescript: Papers must be written clearly and concisely in English, the preferred spelling being that of the Concise Oxford Dictionary. They must be typed double spaced with ample margin on all sides on white bond A4 size paper (297 x 210 mm). This also applies to the abstract, tables, figure captions and the list of references each of which are to be typed on separate sheets.

Title page:

The first page must bear
  1. title of the paper
  2. the initials; and the names of the authors
  3. names and addresses of the institutions where the work was carried out
  4. the permanent or present addresses of the authors (if different from c)
Instructions to Reviewers:

Editors and reviewers are strictly instructed to carry out their work in compliance with absolute confidentiality. By no means should the details of individual authors be made available to external bodies.

A dynamic and academically valid knowledge-network is incomplete without a thorough review and editing of the contents included. This journal takes into account strict reviewing of the articles, where by the validity of the scientific data and ethical behaviour shall be checked. Publication shall be granted if and only if the following criteria are maintained- The following criteria are to be maintained by the authors in order to attain the defined standards of ethical behaviour-

Plagiarism is outright objectionable; all the work must be original in terms of grammatical as well as scientific content; appropriate citation of the references must be provided; authorship must be limited to those individuals who have significant contribution to the work/study and there should be a declaration stating that there is no conflict of interest amongst the authors; compliance statements must be provided if the studies have involved the use of animals or humans or any hazardous chemicals; approval by the ethics committee is a must if the study has involved patients or volunteers.

The editors and reviewers are instructed to follow their work principles ethically and treat all the manuscripts/articles with absolute lack of bias.

We can consider four types of decisions - accepted, accepted with minor changes, accepted with major changes and rejected.

Publication Charges:

The journal charges are borne in accordance with a ‘business model’, whereby a specific amount of publication fee will be imposed to cover the expenses for peer review, journal production and archiving. This is to ensure a healthy open access. Appropriate fee-waiver will be granted to authors who lack proper funding, but the quality of the paper should be good, the discretion lies with the editorial board. Payment details will be intimidated after the acceptance of the article.

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