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A multidisciplinary journal of research of St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Kolkata , welcomes articles communicating current research work carried out by the faculty and/or students of the college. Submissions will be published subject to acceptability after reference and editorial assessment. It's first issue was published in the year 2009. On 20th January 2012, on the day of Convocation and Valedictory, the fourth issue (Volume IV,2012) of the journal was released by the Honorable Chief Minister of West Bengal.

St. Xaviers College (Autonomous) Kolkata

Aviskaar: A Xaverian Journal of Research

Volume 13, February 2021


Neurological Impact of COVID-19 and Its Effect on Pediatric Population: A Comprehensive Review
- Souvik Roy, Lopamudra Roy, Navaneel Sarangi
Cold Atmospheric Plasma: A Novel Way to Treat Medical Conditions
- Sukanya Bhattacharya
Analysis of Adsorption of Ions under Different Preparative Precursors
- Shaunak Guha, Md Sahil Haque, Arnab Gon, Gayatri Banerjee
The E-Vehicle Industry in India: A Policy Analysis
- Deep Mehta
Study of Relationship between Job Security and Work Life Balance for Females during COVID-19
- Shumayela Hasan
Situating Various Trends of Interpreting Medical Literature in the Context of Colonial Bengal - A Critical Approach to Deconstruct Social History
- Tinni Goswami
History of Social Work Education in India: Key to Glorious Future
- Richi Simon
Rise of E-Sports
- Swatick Majumder
Mimicry and the Other: A Study of the Immigration Experience in The Inheritance of Loss and Americanah
- Udita Chakraborty
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"Research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has though" ~ Albert Szent Gyorgy

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